How to Sell Your House in Baltimore without any Hassle

Are you contemplating how to sell your house quickly in Baltimore without any hassles?  

There are many reasons that someone may need to to sell their house fast. Here are just a few from Lucky Home Buyers;

A needed relocation because of a job change 

Vacant property


Inherited an unwanted house

Unintended death, suicide, or murder in a property

A house in need of too many repairs

Financial hardship

If selling your home quickly is needed, below are a top ways, Lucky Home Buyers, 25 year real estate professional and consultants,  advises to do this stress free.

Use the web to spread the word out in Baltimore MD

It’s said that roughly 80% of house buyers go first to the web and search to find houses for sale.  It’s safe to say that if your house isn’t listed on the web…. You’re not fully exposed to the market and are limiting a large segment of the buyers.

There are several ways to get your property online.  Some of the top sites are Zillo, Craigslist, Refin.  We have at times designed our own website with plenty of awesome photos.

You would then post that website on several of the sites above and in any neighborhood platforms like nextdoor. Try to get it everywhere you can.


Can I sell my house as is with a reverse mortgage

Use Facebook & Instagram to get the word out

It’s been said that the best marketing is word of mouth.  If this is the case, tell all your friends, family, or clubs and organizations you belong to and have them relay on to theirs. 

Your Facebook account is a hidden treasure that you can share to as well.  For a small fee, you can boost that post. Again, ask your friends to share. You never know who knows who and who might be in a position to purchase right now! It’s most Free too!

Make use of your community newspapers, magazines and newsletters 

To get yourself in front of a lot of people, to sell a hose fast is to post you property in your local newspaper. It usually has other homes for sale and people know to look there. We make sure we have a good phone number and our property website list with good photos. This will kick up your response rate.

The old but tried and true For Sale By Owner sign

Many people overlook placing the old For Sale sign in the front yard but, we’ve sold many houses from another homeowner family or friend just riding by who who would like to live there.  It’s free but can be a great source of a potential buyer.

Get your house to your local MLS

Without question, the MLS (multiple listing service) is the number one place to have a house posted for sale.  This where real estate agent list the properties they have for sale and where the agent steer their buyers.  

You can get your house on the MLS without hiring an agent however, you will most likely have to pay the selling agent who represent their buy a commission. Could be as much as 3% of your selling price.

Sell your hose to a local seasoned and reputable property buyer like Lucky Home Buyers

One of the best ways if you need to sell your home quickly in Baltimore and you don’t have the time, money or resources to use the tips listed above, you might want to consider, as many other have, to sell to a local professional house buyer like Lucky Home Buyers located in Towson MD. 

One of the advantages of selling to a reputable company like Lucky Home Buyers is they have a proven track record, have many positive reviews, and they provide many additional services that you can not get elsewhere. Best part, No commissions, No fees! 

Additional services that could be provided are home relocation and moving help.  Free clean out service and upfront cash to help with needed expenses. Buying the property in it as-is condition and requiring no repairs. The closing time could be as little a a few days if needed.

Most sellers who have sold this way are glad that they did and would do so again as to the ease and hassle free transaction.

The process is super simple as this;

  1. Make a phone call to us at (410) 876-8765. We can discuss your current situation and make a plan tailored to you specific needs.


  1. Fill out the online form at with basic house information. We’ll get right back with you to see how we can best be of service!


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At Lucky Home Buyers, we have over 25 years of experience providing win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations. Issues such as foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or anything else, we focus on providing you with a compassionate solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.