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Lucky Larry Blizzard

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A 29 Year Real Estate Renegade Larry FINALLY Reveals his closely guarded secrets that most real estate professionals don’t know or don’t want you to know…

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How to instantly Free Yourself of an over mortgaged house


How to Eliminate a large IRS lien


What to do when faced with someone on your deed who won’t sell


How to not to be taken advantage of by a so called professional


Learn the Hidden Secrets on taking control and creatively dealing with Divorce, Property Taxes, Violation Notices, Foreclosures and many more undesirable situations


And much much more…!

Hello Friend, my name is Larry Blizzard, many know me as “Lucky Larry”.  I got that nick name over 25 years ago because I was told that is how many sellers felt in dealing with me.  Wow, that sure is humbling!  I truly do care about them and I guess it shows.  For someone to entrust me to listen to their situation, to advise and handle one of the biggest problems of their lives is worthy of me putting my heart and soul into making sure they get the Best Service that I would give to my family and close friends!

Even though my  nick name is light-hearted, my Hard-Hitting Solutions to most of life’s challenging problems are not!

WARNING:  You won’t find this information offered by anyone or anywhere else!  *FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY*